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          1. A Painless Way To Learn About Business: Rundown On Reality Shows

            Many people learn their business principles via schooling, training courses,? books, or even by trial and error. Trial and error is a poor method because the mistakes you make due to not knowing the in’s and out’s of running a business can put your business…

            Cognitive Biases And Your Business: The Double Edged Sword of The Anchor Bias

            Since all people are subject to various cognitive biases on a regular basis, at least some of those biases act as double edged swords — they can negatively impact on a business owner’s decision making by distorting the reality of the business and the market….

            More Resources On Cognitive Biases and How They Affect You As A Small Business Person

            Cognitive biases are not just the stuff that researchers and psychologists discuss and analyse. They play critical roles in how we make decisions as small business owners and operators, but they also affect our decisions made as purchasers of services and products from other vendors….

            Are Cognitive Biases and Reality Distortion Damaging Your Small Business Decisions?

            We view the world through a range of prisms and distorting “googles”. All of us. In turn we make decisions everyday that affect our lives and small businesses. However we all suffer from cognitive biases that can throw our decision-making off due to reality distortion…

            Social Media: Scanning, Searching, Proactive “Watching To Gain Business Intelligence

            You can’t respond to complaints unless you know they?exist. In addition, if your goal is to gather business intelligence?about your customers’ wants and needs, you need?to know where they are and what they say. To identify?people you might want to contact, you need to scan,?search,…

            From Solo Business To Employer: Two Necessary Psychological Shifts

            There are really THREE stages of business growth for small businesses (defined as having less than 100 employees). The first is the solo entrepreneur who starts the business and operates it as the sole person in the business, perhaps sometimes assisted by external resources (family…

            Never Ending Small Business Interviews: To Grow OR Not To Grow A Solo Business

            Q: Robert, you’ve just semi-retired after twenty five years running Bacal & Associates as a solo business. Was there ever a point where you wanted to grow your business into something a lot bigger, with employees, and the trappings? Robert:? Well, yes and no. Unlike…

            The Power of Understanding Your Core Business: It’s About Survival

            The universe sometimes conspires. I spent a good part of today talking with a colleague about how important is is for a small business owner to understand his or her core business, AND to orient all activity towards furthering the core business. Then I realized,…

            Checklist: Are You Suited To Owning Your Own Business?

            Find Out If You Are A Good Candidate For Starting Your Own Business (Checklist) For many people, the dream of starting one’s own business sounds great. And, in fact, for some percentage of people, it works out well. But before you jump in (and let…

            Small Business: Friends and Family As Feedback Providers

            Family support is important to small business success

              Involving Family, Trusted Advisors As Feedback Sources To Keep You And Your Business Sane Due to the financial, mental, and time demands of starting?and running a small business, family and friends can either?help or hinder you. Perhaps more important, starting and running a business…


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